• Words can not describe how special the Ronda Smith jewelry is to Besselli! We instantly fell in love with Ronda when we first met her at the Chicago market and were very moved by the story behind her jewelry. We have carried the line now for many years and her bracelets have created quite the following in the Green Bay Area! Needless to say Ronda's jewelry is a permanent fixture at Besselli when it's not flying out the door. -From our beaded wrists to yours!

    The Besselli Family Green Bay, WI
  • MERCI BEAUCOUP BOUTIQUE in Duluth GA has hosted an annual "Thank You Party" for our customers, to show our gratitude for their continued support. Over the past ten years, we typically have had a designer trunk show as part of the event. The most requested designer by far is Ronda Smith Designs, easily number one.

    Showing her beautiful designs and the way she handles herself and interacts with our customers is something I recommend to any other boutiques. Our women customers typically don't buy just one Ronda piece, they buy several (as many as seven!) because they believe in her and her creations, season after season. Having her here in Georgia, in our own back yard, is awesome, and we believe she should be represented and seen in all the other 49 states.

    Because the pieces are so beautiful, we recommend everyone should wear at least one Ronda item every day! Thank you, Ronda, we love and appreciate you and all the beauty and love that goes into each of your designs, keeping everyone in mind when you are creating your designs.

    See you again next year...it's a date!

    All the girls of MERCI BEAUCOUP BOUTIQUE Duluth GA
  • Unique, quality and detailed craftsmanship are words synonymous with Ronda Smith Designs. SO CUTE BOUTIQUE  proudly offers your amazing jewelry to our clients who are looking for stylish pieces to enhance their wardrobe, Thank you Ronda Smith Designs.

    So Cute Boutique Cumming, GA
  • We absolutely love Ronda Smith Designs! We look forward to seeing what new designs and concepts Ronda has come up with season after season. As soon as it comes in to the store, we all drool over the unique designs, remarkable gemstones, and flawless crystals Ronda uses in her pieces. When our customers find out an order has arrived, they flock from around town to see the new collection! We have been honored to help grow a Ronda Smith following of customers who enjoy wearing Ronda’s pieces daily and layering multiple pieces for a customized look. We can testify for our customers that the reason they love Ronda Smith Designs and collect her pieces is that she gives women the ability to rock an incredible stylish look that’s also affordable!

    Veronica's Attic

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